An Ever Changing In Motion Audio

IMA's website is powered by wix

and although we love wix and what it offers

such as flexible management of our website as well as quality visuals and themes

There is a downfall

as a digital based company we can only upload a maximum of 1gb for each product

We Can't Bundle products

We can't create cohesive categories with other work arounds

and we can't get by the 1gb issue by uploading multiple files into one product

The future of in motion audio is to

Bring more products

Bring more value for money

bring more audio for each products

and bring bigger and better ideas

As current with Wix we can't

Our Contract is up in April and if things don't change we will be forced to either move the website elsewhere or look at an alternative store front

So over the next few weeks there maybe some changes to how we do business and we may too and fro depending on our need and requirement

Please let us know of any issues

and Sorry for any inconvenience

but this is to allow us to reach our true and full potential

We thank you for your patience