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New Drops

Hello All

We wanted to cover our latest drops since our Blog was all deleted so check out our recent releases below

UK Construction Ambience

We came across some Local Construction/Repair work being done, to which we were able to capture the general sound of construction work being done

You can hear heavy machinery, engines powering up and powering down whilst remaining constant and Idle, as well as various bang and knocks from completing the construction. We also managed to record the sound of a truck reversing, Workers shouting and a Saw and Drill being used.

Construction Ambience contains 9 audio samples and has a total running time of 39 Mins and 51 seconds

Mask Foley

So we had several types of PPE Masks laying around from the Pandemic and thought why not create a foley pack

We recorded 4 types of masks, Blue PPE, 3M, Fabric and a Plastic Field Shield all giving their own distinctive sound and characteristics

We recorded these masks being Moved/Manipulated and Roughed up from Fast to Slow, Pats and Rubs, Elastic band pull and slaps and Breathing through the mask. Giving you enough range to deal with any PPE Mask Situation you may require for your projects.

Mask Foley contains 93 Audio Files and has a total running time of 7 Mins and 09 sec Running time

Washing Basket Foley

Whats the best thing to do with a broken washing basket?

Thats right record it and create a sample pack

We recorded the Washing Basket being Moved/Manipulated and Roughed up from Fast to Slow, Pats, Rubs, Scrapes and Shakes. The basket was a rough Fabric with a thick cardboard layer between the Fabric. Spolier Alert it's not the one in the photo

Washing Basket Foley contains 43 Audio Files and has a total running time of 2 Mins and 14 sec Running time

Lawn Mower Ambience

Lawn Mower Ambience was recorded in an opportunist moment whilst recording another sample pack.

We centred the Zoom H4N facing an average UK back garden on a spring ish day and recorded someone naturally mowing their lawn with an electric mower.

This sample pack has different perspectives from close to distant mowing, with different panning elements which were recorded naturally from up to down to left to right and a lawn Mower stopping.

This sample pack will be great for a lawn mower in the background of your project or wanting a natural sound palette of someone mowing a lawn.

Lawn Mower Ambience contains 3 Audio Files and has a total running time of 7 Mins and 52 sec Running time

check our Shop out for more details and taster audio

All the best

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