New Instrument

In Motion Audio brings you their next instrument for the One and One Sample Collection


The Guitar was recorded using an Epiphone Les Paul Standard, Clean with out any Amp, straight into the interface.

As usual with our One an One Collection, we recorded one note, we then processed this sound so its the best it can be and we then mapped it out on our In House Kontakt Instrument.

We felt the Guitar would be best suited for compositional pieces, but with our In House Kontakt Instrument you can design the sound as much as you want, giving you more options to use it on other projects.

So as you can see we’ve updated our In House Kontakt Instrument so that it’s more flexible and user friendly, still giving you the options it had before but a smoother process.

We’ve created two Teaser video's to show you want this instrument is capable of, we also have the full Songs on our Sound Cloud Page

Clock Work is by our Good Friend Grey Home the only thing he didn’t use it for was the Drums and Percussion

In Motion Audio Created this song, again all guitar minus the Drums and Percussion.

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