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Sounds from the Synth Abyss

Our Top Secret product has dropped

In Motion Audio brings you

Sounds from the Synth Abyss (SFTSA)

In Sample pack and Kontakt Instrument format

Usually when we create sound packs we have an extensive idea of what we want to achieve, this time we wanted to try something different.

For SFTSA we turned on the Behringer Neutron, hooked it up to some guitar pedals and pressed record

The main aim was to Sound Design and be Creative without any purpose or pressure and before we knew it 2 hours passed

We used:

Behringer Neutron

Boss Super Chorus CH1

Boss Tremolo TR2

Boss Slicer SL2

TC Electronics Dark Matter

TC Electronics Hall of Fame

TC Electronics Flashback

Focusrite 2i4

We created, Rhythmic effects using the Slicer to Eerie and Ethereal soundscapes, Feedbacks, Alarm, Frequency Shifts, Distorted Vocal esk sounds and EMF.

SFTSA contains 153 Audio Files and has a total running time of 80 Mins and 31 sec Running time

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