The Balloon

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The Balloon

So as its coming up to a time of celebration we thought we'd create a one an one instrument using a balloon

It was created by recording our selves blowing a Balloon up

we then processed this sound to be the best it can be

We then mapped it on our in house Kontakt inSTRUMENT AND THERE YOU GO

tHE balloon

We felt this sample was more about sound design, its a product that can be used against or with other plugins to add texture to your project

You could use it as a riser or transitional changes or even to create spaceships sounds see our video below

the possibilities are endless

On the Main View Page of the The Balloon it has five wet controls "Delay, Reverb, Chorus, Phase and Flanger”,

and a reverse sample mode

This is followed by three more pages "FX" Which has other customisable parameters to allow you more option to create and shape the inbuilt sounds before adjusting certain wet levels on the Main View Page

But we've spiced it up a little

we've added modulation to the pitch and EQ cutoff to allow movement WTH YOU BEING ABLE TO CONTROL THE RATE AND AMOUNT giving it that unique character for transitional effects

and page 5 has the Arp attached to allow more creative options.

We've also added the buttons to Kontakts hOST automation so you'll be able to automate all the controls for the balloon

Instrument Product Specifications:

1 sample

1 Instruments From C0 to B7

Installed 8.5 MB

24 bit / 96kHz

Recorded with the mxl 770

Requires the full Kontakt package from 5.8.1 upwards

Remember as usual its time limited get it whilst you can

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All the best