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Top Secret

In Motion Audio brings you a very Top Secret Product So we wanted to try something new We're offering a Top Secret Product, it could be a Sample Pack or a Kontakt instrument or even both Whilst it's top secret it'll cost less than when it gets revealed, Once revealed its price will change To get it at the cheapest price all you need to do is pay for the product whilst in secret mode, you’ll get a downloadable file saying thank you and when its ready to be revealed you'll get another email from Payhip telling you its ready for downloading All you need to do at this point is download it and use as required. Its pretty much a gamble but you can gamble at a fraction of the price. We might drop some clues along the way as well, like this for instance: Our First Top Secret Product will be both a Sample Pack and a Kontakt Instrument Combo and youll get both.

So check out our shop for more details


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