UK Police Vehicle Samples

In Motion Audio brings you the latest edition to our sample pack range

UK Police Vehicle Samples

We had an amazing opportunity Last Year to record a Police Van (Ford Transit) however our opportunity was limited as the vehicle was being decommissioned as a working Police Van so we were unable to record any vehicle engine sounds or Sirens

however we did manage to capture some unique sounds:

Workshop Ambience

Internal Police Van Ambience including the Cell

A range of Door Open/Closes from the front doors, sliding door, back door and even the cell door

Hinge movements from the back and Cell Door

Lock mechanisms from the Cell Lock and handle lock, with various open and close options and general Handle movement.

We recorded dials, levers, buttons and switches from the Police Van which includes, the 12 Volts flap, Air Con movement, Dials and Heating knobs, Indicators, Light switches and Window Switches

Seat Belt clicks

Gear shift movements

Glove compartment open and close

Foley of the seat/seatbelt


Foley of movement within the Cell its self.

This giving you the essence and character of a Police Van

not only will this be amazing for your Police based projects but you’ll be able to use these on other various projects.

UK Police Vehicle Sample Pack contains:

215 Audio Files

Total running time of 26 Mins and 30 sec