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Update 2023


so as part of our last update in August we planned to do more updates and this is going to be the first one of 2023

So Lets start from our last Update in 2022

Halloween was a success with our first Quadruple Drop

We hadn't planned for a Quadruple drop but it happened and we’re happy with it.

Here’s some photos from our sound of the corn field recording

Were already planning for Halloween 2023, we're not going to give too much away but hoping on Sinister Textures 3 to be part of that,

makes sense right?

Could this be our new art work for it?

We celebrated our 2nd Birthday which was amazing, offering bigger discounts and more freebies to those signed to our mailing list to celebrate this period.

We've also been working on a few projects for a few clients

one we can mentions is

Rogue Element by Josh MacRow, which was an absolute pleasure to work on. That Is due a premier at the Lexi Cinema London which is really amazing so please go and check him and Rogue Element out

We’ve also been networking with other clients for work later in 2023 which is already making 2023 an exciting opportunity for us all here at In Motion Audio and we can’t wait to see how this unfolds.

Sample Packs

We'd planned to drop more Sample packs in 2022 however due to our schedule its been hard to deliver this

however we've stuck to our aim of at least one product a month so were pretty happy we could stick to this.

We have a few packs being prepped and we have a few more that need starting

and some of our planned recording session will now be moved back to Summer 2023 to make sure we have the time to prep and fingers crossed we can end the year on a high again

Its weird to have our heads already focusing on the end of 2023 but we’re also thankful we can


Our Kontakt Instruments are going well, We delivered two of the proposed ones this being

Death whistle and Electromagnesis Instrument

Were still working on some big ideas for this year hopefully these can come together by the end of 2023 and be delivered

The One an One Collection

The One an One Collection was improved for our Halloween release

and seemed to flow better than previous

However we recently read an article from the Labs Community about Lea who when starting out wanted to buy instruments from creators such as spitfire audio however couldn't.

Since Spitfire created labs its really helped more people access instruments to use in composing

So it got us thinking and we’ve decided to Re-Brand the OAO Instrument

Not sure to what yet but were gonna turn it into a bigger Multi Instrument and not restrict it to unusual sounds with one sample

We’ve been getting a lot of love for FREE Sample Sunday so we decided were gonna make this product FREE, so more people can access sounds

We should be dropping this idea soon and fingers crossed we have the first version of this new product by the end of Feb. Were pretty excited about this idea.

FREE Sample Sunday:

FREE Sample Sunday continues to strive, getting a lot of love and regular downloads via FREESOUND and via our website,

we now drop emails to people who have purchased this item so you can download an update straight away, some people were having to go through the re-purchase route which wasn't intuitive..

We've hit over 1gb of FREE Audio as well,

Less than 4gb left before we end volume 1 and start volume 2 and release our surprise extra gift for this concept.


Our planned music pack has stalled but were hoping to get this going again as soon as we have time

even though we want to give people more products, clients deadlines become our priority

well get there though

Creative Session:

We finally got around to doing our first Creative Session recently which you can access here

Based on our approach to our initial sound design process

Hope you enjoy

More to come from the creative sessions

The Company in General:

We’ve had a busy 2022 and the start of 2023 hasn't been any different

We are still heading in the same direction with the same goals we want to achieve for this company

We're also coming up with a new secret concept but more to come on this cos of course its a secret lol.


This still applies so no need to change it from previous updates but We love what we do and we care about audio and although we are a small team and a small company we are a team that is driven to bringing decent content and more products for you to use at affordable prices, Sound Design/Composition should be for all.

So thanks to everyone who is and who has supported us

As always keep an eye open there’s more to come

all the Best

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